To develop:

  • The capacity and capability of people and leaders to impact their organisations.
  • The capacity and capability of third sector organisations to support their chosen causes.
  • The capacity and capability of the sector within the UK to be innovative, sustainable and inclusive for all causes.
  • Access to world class coaching.
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We work with


developing a significant future using top level talent and tools to increase your impact

Be Significant


maximising your impact with purposeful diligence

Be Purposeful


going beyond CSR and supporting a world class response to local needs

Be Supportive

People like us

become significant in the cause you champion

People like us


Four areas of working

How do we encourage Youth?

We believe that Millennials and Gen Z are the key to the future sustainability of the charity sector.   

Bridging the generational gap to support charities focussed on this cause, is crucial to BSignificant’s future impact.

How do we promote Education

Educating Charity Leaders with valuable, actionable, thought leadership and high class content. 

We believe this is fundamental to a charity’s ability to develop forward thinking strategies in which to increase their own impact.

How do we build Inclusivity

BSignificant sees all as equals, however we recognise that certain parts of society are not well represented on charity boards. 

By developing programmes for charity leaders and supporting the development of charitable boards, we can ensure that anyone marginalised, can still have a great impact moving forward.

How do we support Economic Development?

BSignificant recognises the barriers that prevent charities from excelling in today’s society.

By bringing the top-class support of senior leaders and consultants we will ensure that charities we work with have the most relevant tools and, more importantly, people in order to develop and execute a Strategic Plan.

“Success is when I add value to myself. Significance is when I add value to others.”

John Maxwell

“The capacity to care is what gives life its most deepest significance.”

Pablo Casals

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Martin Luther King Jr.

“True value of one’s life can be measured if the person is able to make a significant difference in someone’s life.”

Jamie Smartkins

“Successful people become great leaders when they learn to shift focus from themselves to others.”

Marshall Goldsmith

“Our mission in life should be to make a positive difference, not to prove how smart or right we are.”

Peter Drucker

“What will matter is not your success but your significance.”

Michael Josephson


To build leaders and organisations who are: Trusted, Visionary, Innovative, Sustainable and Impactful

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